academics.jpgThe department of Telematics is presently offering education at MSc and PhD level. The department aims at giving an education which combines theory and laboratory experiments, individual work and group projects. This results in knowledge with life-long relevance, knowledge that meets the relevant needs of society as well as commercial activities.

The education is integrated in the short and long time research as well as in innovation activities. This is done in cooperation with communication and software industry and telecommunication service providers. The curriculum of the study programs is continuously discussed and coordinated closely with cooperating Nordic and European Universities. The department of Telematics offers courses at both MSc and PhD level.

Overview of study programs offered by the department

The department of telematics currently offers and participates in three MSc programs and one PhD program. The 5 year MSc in Communication Technology (CommTech) is offered to Norwegian applicants with a norwegian high school diploma. The 2 year MSc in Telematics is offered to both norwegian and international applicants holding a BSc in a relevant field of study. The curriculum of the 2 year MSc in Telematics has many similarities with CommTech, as these programs share field of specializations and courses. The department also offers PhD studies. For students enrolled in CommTech, the department offers an integrated PhD starting from the 4th study year in CommTech. Additionally, the department is a partner in the 2 year Master Programme in Security and Mobile Computing (NordSecMob).

NTNU programmes

International Cooperation Programmes