Quality assurance of education

The Department of Telematics has a continuous focus on improving the quality of education. The quality assurance system employed builds on NTNU's system for quality assurance of education.

The figure below illustrates the department's work on strategical development of education, as well as feedback channels for students.

Strategic development of education

The department has responsibility for quality and strategic development of courses, while the study program council has responsibility for quality and strategic development of a study program. For each course, there is a responsible professor. The strategic development of courses is done in close collaboration between department head, course responsible and the leader group at the department. The course responsible receives feedback from students via reference groups, direct interaction with the students and semester evaluations arranged by the research & education coordinator at the department for the study program council. This feedback is used both for adjusting the teaching on a short-term basis and as input (one of several) to the long-term strategic planning of the course. Each course responsible produces a course report after completing the teaching of the course. Course reports for all courses constitute the basis for the long-term strategic development of the education at the department. Furthermore, the development of study programs, new research directions, competencies at the department and new technologies all contribute to the long-term development of education. Such discussions take place in teachers' meetings and strategic seminars.

Student feedback

Feedback from students, positive or negative, is primordial for the department to continuously develop and improve the study programs and courses. As a student you may give us feedback:

  • on specific courses - by participating in the reference groups or transmitting your comments to the members of the reference groups, by responding to possible surveys prepared by the responsible professors, and/or simply by discussing with the professors
  • on your study program - by contacting the student representatives that will take your feedback to the discussions of the study program council
  • at the end of each semester - by answering an on-line evaluation and giving us feedback on the semester that has passed.

In addition, should there be anything you want to report, propose or discuss, just contact the research and education coordinator at the department.

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