Extended leader group

Since 01.01.2014, the department has an extended leader group to secure participation and co-determination among its employees. The extended leader group meets two times every semester.


ITEM's leader group consists of all tenured faculty, in addition to the research and education coordinator. The leader group is led by the Head of Department. The extended leader group extends the leader group with following members:

Temporary staff in teaching and/or researcher position

Member Deputy member
Britta Hale -

Permanently and temporary staff in technical/administrative positions

Member Deputy member
Pål Sturla Sæther Mona Nordaune


Member Deputy member
Mathias Ackermann -
Ida Bosch -


See call for meetings and minutes on NTNU Box (login required).

Completed and planned meetings are scheduled to:

  • November 24th 2016
  • September 22nd 2016
  • May 25th 2016
  • February 17th 2016
  • November 26th 2015
  • September 24th 2015
  • May 20th 2015
  • March 18th 2015
  • November 27th 2014
  • September 11th 2014
  • May 8th 2014

Participation and co-determination at NTNU, IME

NTNU has an open and democratic leadership model in order to ensure participation and co-determination among its employees. The Board of NTNU is the highest governing body at NTNU and makes decisions on issues of principal importance. The Dekanmøtet meets regularly, and gives advice to the Rector of NTNU in strategic matters. The IME Board is the governing body of the IME faculty. The IME leader group meets regularly and gives advice to the Dean of IME in strategic matters.