Master of Science programme, 2 years

NordSecMob - Master's Programme in Security and Mobile Computing

Study plan (NTNU)

Validity of information: Academic year 2017/18.

  • 1st year
  • 2nd year
Course code Course name SP Status
TTM4137 Wireless network security 7,5 C
TTM4502 Telematics, specialization project 7,5 C
TTM4536 Ethical hacking - Information security, specialization course 7,5 C
IMT4114 Introduction to digital forensics 7,5 VB
IMT4115 Introduction to information security management 7.5 VB
IMT4203 Critical infrastructure security 7.5 VB
IMT4204 Intrusion detection in physical and virtual networks 7.5 VB
IMT4217 Introduction to data privacy 7.5 VB
TMA4160 Cryptography 7,5 VB
Course code Course name SP Status
TTM4905 Telematics, master's thesis 30 C